What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency. Learn more at We Use Coins.
How does it work?
Once you deposit Bitcoin to your account you are ready to play. Simply select a game, enter your bet and click on Bet. A lucky number between 0 and 65535 will be generated and if it is less than the target number, you win. The amount of bitcoins you win is the game multiplier times the bet amount. Lucky number generation is provably fair.
What is the house edge?
The house edge is 1%. We pay out 99% to players.
Can I play as soon as I deposit?
Yes, since we accept unconfirmed deposits. However, withdrawals are only allowed once your deposit has been confirmed. The confirmation policy is as follows:
up to 0.1 BTC
1 confirmation
0.1 to 1 BTC
2 confirmations
1 to 2.5 BTC
4 confirmations
more than 2.5 BTC
5 confirmations
I made a deposit but it doesn't show on the balance.
Transactions that depend on other unconfirmed transactions will be credited after 1 confirmation. This also applies to zero-fee transactions, so make sure that you pay the minimum 0.001 BTC fee when depositing.
What are deferred withdrawals?
If you wish to withdraw your balance and your deposit is still unconfirmed, your withdrawal will be placed in a queue and be automatically processed once your deposit transaction confirms. Staying on the website is not required.
Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00006 BTC. Moreover, a withdrawal cannot be less than 10 % of your balance.
What are custom games?
You can bet on a target number from 1 to 64000. After pressing enter the odds and multiplier will be calculated. Games can be added to a list on the bottom right corner for easier access.
How is it provably fair?
Lucky numbers are generated algorithmically based on your deposit transaction ID. Click here for more information.
Can I place bets programmatically?
Yes. Bets, deposits, withdrawals and other functions can be accessed directly via the API.
I've lost my user ID / password. Can my account be recovered?
Since we do not require an email address, password reset is not automated. Use the contact link at the bottom of the page. You will need to prove that you own one of the originating addresses of your first deposit by signing a message using your Bitcoin client.
I can't chat. How can I chat?
To chat, you need first deposit to your Coinroll deposit address and make at least one bet. We defense against chat robots and lot of spammers on Internet who couldn't deposit and make bet.
I made bet, but I still can't chat. What's problem?
If your account was created or you we're loged in before 16. June 2015, write down your login and password. Now delete Coinroll cookies and go to login page and login. If the problem persist, contact us!
How can I activate affiliate on Coinroll?
First you need to have account on Coinroll. You can create account by depositing to your Bitcoin address on Coinroll. Then you can visit your affiliate panel, where you can copy your referer link and i.e. place it in your signature at Bitcointalk forum. If you are webmaster of bigger site, we can manage better commision rate for you, just contact us!